Tuesday, 27 September 2005

Connection imminent

Well, the roadworks were completed on Friday, and the other connection work that needs to be done in order to connect us to the new junction box will (probably) take place by the end of the week, which means that some time next week someone might actually connect us up to the bloody phone line! (If they can be bothered.) Watch this space...

Friday, 16 September 2005

Sort of an update

This is a quick one, as we're in Starbucks, but Iain just got off the phone with Telecom who say the phantom roadworks are currently underway, should be finished by the end of next week, and we should be connected by the end of the following week. Which is good news...if it happens!!

We have a few more piccies to regale you with, so we thought we'd put them up.

Normal service (whatever that is) will be resumed in approximately two weeks.

Lake Okotaine, near Rotorua

Beach on the Eastern coast of the Coromandel Peninsula

Helen in Russian Spy mode

Some squinting bloke

Monday, 12 September 2005

Still here part 2

Still no phone line yet - they've got to do some major tinkering as they've run out of capacity at the exchange - they keep rescheduling the work - next date is September 16th, so fingers crossed that it happens then.

Meantime we've been pretty busy, travelling around a bit. Phil & Sally from sunny Burton are coming to visit during October, so we've got plans to do another tour of North Island, and before that we're off to Wellington to scout out places to live. We've made the decision to buy a house there, as we loved the city so much, now we're just waiting for my contract to finish in Auckland (December 21st) and then we'll be off "dahn sarf".

As soon as the net connection is up and running again, I'll get posting some more piccies and more frequent reports - should be back to a once-a-week schedule when we don't have to trudge into town to surf the web!