Friday, 26 August 2005

Still here!

We haven't vanished, honest! We're still waiting for our house to be connected up to the phone/internet so can't update things as we'd like. Should be sorted in a couple of weeks!

Tuesday, 9 August 2005

Election fever

The other week we found out we’re eligible to vote in the New Zealand general election on September 17th. It came as a bit of a surprise, as we thought you had to be a citizen before you could vote, and we can’t apply for citizenship for another three years. So, anyway, we sent off our registration forms, and are eagerly awaiting whatever it is that happens next. We have absolutely no idea. It’s great being an immigrant.

I don’t know what you think of politics, (or maybe I do, if your name’s Phil), but it has been a source of constant guilt for me, ever since I reached voting age. You see, I feel I really ought to be interested in it, because it’s so important, and because I can feel the ghosts of thousands of suffragettes breathing (or not breathing) down my neck. So I always use my vote.

Nevertheless, I just can’t summon up any enthusiasm for politics. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, it’s boring and secondly, all politicians are scumbags. I’m also a complete political ignoramus. For example, until recently, I’d always had myself down as a ‘wet and woolly liberal’, but when I completed the ‘political compass’ questionnaire I found out, that, politically speaking, I’m so far to the left of Lenin I’m not even in the same collective, and I’m only a stove pipe hat away from being an anarchist. This came as something of a shock, I can tell you.

Once we have the internet at home again, I’ll put together a post about the election here in New Zealand – the electoral system, the political parties, the personalities, and the hot issues of the campaign… then again, maybe I won’t. I’ll have to see how my enthusiasm’s holding out.

Apropos of nothing, here are some photos I took from our new flat. The first picture shows the view from our bedroom window (again, but this time on a sunny afternoon), and the second shows the view from our front door.

Bloody marvellous!

It’s ace. We love it here.

Being without the internet is pretty inconvenient. I’m having to make a bus journey into town every day to check my mail (I need to be connected for work), so it’s a bit of a pain. On the positive side, Starbucks has got a wireless hotspot, so I can grab a cappuccino and a slice of carrot cake while I surf, which sweetens the pill a bit! Insomnia, tooth decay and obesity are a small price to pay for being online.

(That’s the cappuccino talking)


Wednesday, 3 August 2005


We moved... Horrah! No internet.... booooo!

They need to come and dig the road up to get us connected, so we'll be offline (except at work and via net cafes obviously) until September. So the posts here will stop for a few weeks, however we'll be back with a vengence in a months time.

The new place is pretty damn fabby, cool views and a great flat. Definitely the best place we've lived so far - UK or NZ. It's so quiet and peaceful, surrounded by bush and looking out over the ocean.... bliss! We'll post more piccies when we get connected again.