Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Happy Anniversary

This week we're celebrating (if that's the right word) the one-year anniversary of starting to build the house. In honour of this, I thought I'd post some photos showing the current state of progress.

The view from where our bedroom window/door will be

Our bedroom, currently our workshop

 Our lovely yurt basking in the autumn sunshine

 The height of luxury - our wonderful toilet in the ensuite bathroom

 In the process of cladding the east wall

 The latest incarnation of our kitchen with a real, plumbed-in sink.
Note the hastily nailed-together sink unit. We're hoping to manage something a *little* less ramshackle when we build the kitchen for real.

 The current state of the east wall. We're getting there...slowly. The difference in colour is due to weathering - the left half was clad a week before the right. We assumed the cladding would get lighter as it weathered, but it's going darker.

Iain looking justifiably pleased with himself after we finished cladding the back wall

That sums up the state of play at the moment, so here's a reminder of where we started:

Our house one year ago



Jim Doran said...

Such a huge undertaking. You both should feel so proud's coming along!

RDewsbery said...

Good going. It reminds me why I paid someone to do all that stuff for me.